Did you know that one in 500 dogs suffer from diabetes?

Mission Statement

To provide donated funds to veterinarians and animal hospitals that directly benefits the immediate physical well-being of animal diabetes. These funds will help finance costs for medicine, veterinarian services and hospitalization expenses, due to the effects of diabetes on the animals and/or prevent euthanasia due to inability to meet the costs of medical care. Upon application, approval and fund availability, Cause for Paws will disperse funds to pay the bill received from the veterinarian or animal hospital with eligibility criteria met and availability of funds.

  • To provide appropriate referrals for health or behavioral care for Animals with Diabetes.
  • To provide education and to inform the public about Diabetes in animals


Press Releases

Helping Hands for Diabetic Pets: Group raises funds so owners can handle veterinary bills.

Dogs we have helped

Photos and Stories from the Owners: Read the true stories of families and their dogs that we have been able to help over the years.

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